Historic Success: Supreme Court of Spain Bans 500 Year-Old Bullfighting “Toro de la Vega”


The Spanish Supreme Court has confirmed the ban on bullfighting on the “Toro de la Vega” feast, thus saving innumerable animals from great suffering. It was a cruel tradition at the festival in Castilla y León that men stabbed young animals with spears.

For years, Spanish animal welfare organizations such as PACMA and PETA had put pressure on those responsible. In 2016, the regional government of Castilla y León banned bullfighting at the festival. But shortly after this groundbreaking decision, the city council of Tordesillas appealed to the Supreme Court. Supposedly there is no reason to prohibit the killings.


But now the Supreme Court has rejected the appeal and put an end to the almost 500-year-old animal tradition. The bulls are not only tortured with arrows and spears at the festival, but finally stabbed. Before you cut their tail off when they are still alive. In the end, the city council of the person who killed the suffering animal, also awarded a ceremonial spear and a medal.


People chasing a bull in the Spanish festival “Toro De La Vega”

Are all goals achieved?

This success is an important milestone in the context of a far-reaching movement that is pervading Spain. More and more people do not want to attend festivals and other events where bulls are tormented in the name of entertainment. More than 100 cities have already banned bullfighting. According to a poll, 80% of Spaniards are against these cruel events.