MILLIONS Of People Could Soon Die In Brazil – And It’s Not Because Of The Amazon

More than 500 million bees have died in Brazil in the past three months. Since May beekeepers across four of the country's states have reported the insects dying in vast numbers.


Millions of people in Brazil may be in grave danger very soon, since more than 500 million bees have died in just 3 months and the number is only increasing. 

To understand the connection, one has to know that bees have a really important role in the food chain – with around one-third of the food we eat relying on pollination mainly by bees. These include various fruits and vegetables.

A fruit & vegetable shortage could lead to a massive price spike in the food sector and inflation in the weak economy of Brazil and thus create a worse scenario than currently in Venezuela.


Bees are important in the process of pollinating plants

500 Million Bees Dead In 3 Months

Death came rapidly for Aldo Machado’s honeybees and within 24 hours of the first signs of sickness among the Apis mellifera, tens of thousands lay dead, their bodies piled in mounds.

The vice president of Rio Grande do Sul beekeeping association was shocked to discover the dead bees. Pesticides killed around half a million bees in Brazil in three months, say researchers at Bloomberg. Pesticide use has increased by 770% between 1990 and 2016.

Of all insects, bees are the most effective and practical method for crop pollination. They can be reared in sufficient numbers and placed wherever and whenever they are required for effective pollination. It has been found that the use of hive bees results in a manifold increase in yields and improvement in the quality of produce.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has been criticised for environmental policies like lifting restricitons on pesticides

Agriculture is the mainstay of the Brazilian economy, almost 18% of it. The group that controls agriculture is the most powerful and influential in the country and controls everything from culture to politics. The present president was elected with their support and has kept his promise to make this their government. This has, in turn, given them blanket permission to spray any amount of chemicals for higher production.

Brazil has seen a 150% increase of insecticide use between 2000 and 2015 against a minuscule increase of 8.1% expansion of the agricultural area.

Greenpeace says that 40% of the pesticides that Brazil dumps on its fields are “highly or extremely highly toxic,” and much of them would never be allowed into the European Union. Since Bolsonaro took office there have been “constant attacks against our people, Mother Earth, and food sovereignty.” Sonia Guajajara, the activist, and leader of Articulação dos Povos Indígenas do Brasil told Unearthed. They represent over 300 indigenous groups in the country.

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It is outrageous that the Brazilian government allows these foreign companies to dump fertilizers that are banned in most countries. The death of 500 million bees endangers the food security of Brazil warns the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization (FAO). The deaths occurred in 4 Brazilian states. 400 million bees died in Grande do Sul alone. Death spread like an epidemic. Healthy bees were contaminated as they cleared the dead bees from the stricken hives. They died en masse. The pesticides used allegedly contained chemicals banned by the European Union, such as fipronil and neonicotinoids.

The utilization of these dangerous pesticides peaked under the rule of former President Michel Temer and the present President Jair Bolsonaro, reports Unearthed. Their investigations revealed that 193 pesticides and weed killers containing banned chemicals were in use in Brazil. It is now the biggest pesticide buyer in the world.



  1. Brazil’s Bolsonaro will go down in history as a moron of the highest order! He must be stopped and ‘taken out’ before he causes any more damage that will bring more disaster to planet Earth and every living thing on it!

  2. Confusing! Is it half a million or half a billion bees???? either way it is significant but reporting errors of three orders of magnitude is shoddy and should be viewed by Captain Planet as embarrassing.
    Millions of people in Brazil may be in grave danger very soon, since more than 500 million bees have died in just 3 months and the number is only increasing.”
    “Pesticides killed around half a million bees in Brazil in three months, say researchers at Bloomberg.”

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