Captivating Footage: Dreaming Octopus Exhibits Color-Changing Phenomenon

The Dream World of an Octopus: A Spectacle of Color and Mystery


A captivating video has surfaced online, showcasing a sleeping octopus undergoing a remarkable color transformation, akin to dreaming. The footage, set to feature in the upcoming documentary “Octopus: Making Contact,” reveals the octopus shifting from light to dark shades while in a tank.

Marine biologist David Scheel of Alaska Pacific University observed this phenomenon in an octopus named ‘Heidi,’ from his home. In the video, Heidi is seen sleeping upside-down in her tank, with her skin changing colors, leading Scheel to speculate that she might be dreaming.

The video displays Heidi initially turning a light color, followed by a shift to a dark brown shade. Scheel suggests that this color change could be indicative of a dream state, where Heidi might be envisioning hunting or eating prey, as the color patterns resemble those used for camouflage while hunting.

This behavior has intrigued online viewers, with many marveling at the possibility of an octopus dreaming. Some compare it to the Rapid Eye Movements in humans during dreaming, while others see it as evidence of conscious experiences in animals.

The video has sparked discussions and curiosity, with some viewers questioning the certainty of the octopus’s dreaming state, while others find the concept slightly unnerving.