The Pink Super Moon Peaks Tonight and Tomorrow During April’s Lockdown

Pink Moon

Not all news is virus news, with a full pink Super Moon due to peak on April 7 and 8, depending on where you are situated in the world. Be it standing on an Italian balcony or in your Aussie backyard, expect the brightest Super Moon of 2020 to fill the night skies.

Despite the inability for a large portion of the world to travel to the perfect viewing spot, the world’s population can take comfort in viewing this pink spectacular along with others in lockdown.

The 2020 Super Moon, also known as the Paschal Moon in the Christian calendar, is used to calculate Easter’s date. In some parts of the world, it is the first full moon of spring and will reach its greatest illumination at 10:35 pm, EDT. It will also be pink, especially when it’s close to the horizon.


The Pink Moon has a place in history. Most full moons coincide with the seasons, which includes the blossoming of Wild Ground Phlox or Moss Phlox in North America, under April’s full moon. It is also connected to the birds laying their first eggs for the season and goes under many Native American names such as Sprouting Grass Moon or Egg Moon.

The Time and Date website explains how the Super Moon, like the one we’re about to witness, got its name.

“It was first coined by an astrologer, Richard Nolle, in 1979. He defined it as ‘a New or a Full Moon that occurs when the Moon is at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in its orbit’. It is not clear why he chose the 90% cut off in his definition.’’

Right now, the world is facing a common enemy. Together, although apart, we can look up into the sky and take this peaceful opportunity to give thanks and promise ourselves a coming victory at the end of this pandemic.

Hopefully by May 7, when the next Super Moon is due to grace our skies, some of us are better able to venture safely outside for a less solitary moon gaze.