A Giant Fried Egg Jellyfish Spotted Off the Coast of British Columbia

The Enormous Jellyfish Causes a Stir in the Marine Community


A jellyfish that resembles a fried egg has been sighted off the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Known scientifically as Phacellophora camtschatica, the jellyfish was seen floating in Sechelt Inlet during the Paddlers Challenge with Halfmoon Sea Kayaks. The photograph, taken by Donna Harrison, was initially shared by Sunshine Coast BC Canada on Facebook and later by Ocean Wise on Twitter, causing quite a stir.

The jellyfish, which can grow up to 60 cm in diameter and have tentacles extending up to 20 feet, was described as the largest of its kind by Mackenzie Neale, a jellyfish expert at the Vancouver Aquarium. According to Neale, while the fried egg jellyfish is not the most common species in British Columbia waters, it is not rare either.

The species is carnivorous and preys on other jellyfish, contributing to its rapid growth. Neale cautioned that although the jellyfish is a sight to behold, it has a potent sting and advised people to maintain a safe distance.

For those interested in seeing the fried egg jellyfish without diving into the ocean, the Vancouver Aquarium has some on display, albeit not as large as the one recently spotted.