From Holland comes the refrigerator, which cools without consuming electricity!


Based on the old tradition of using an underground cellar to store cool drinks, Groundfridge, the special fridge designed by Dutchman Floris Schoonderbeek, works only thanks to the Earth.

It is located in about one meter depth in a place that is not too exposed to the sun. The mini-cellar manages to keep an almost constant temperature throughout a whole year. It always stays between 10 and 12 degrees – perfect for keeping fruit, vegetables, wine and cheese fresh.

The cooling effect of the soil and groundwater has been known for a long time. The invention makes use of this old knowledge by using new technologies to further improve the utility.


Groundfridge is the modern and ecological evolution of the ancient underground cellar of our great-grandparents.

The cellar has a capacity of 3000 liters, which is equivalent to 20 refrigerators of medium size.

Despite its dimensions, it needs no special connections to its installation. It works only thanks to the earth and the moisture of the groundwater.

In its interior, wooden floors facilitate the storage of food and the division of space. So several families can share a fridge.

Buried at 1 meter depth it receives a temperature of 10-12 degrees. This is perfect for vegetables, fruits, cheese and wine.

The basement is perfect for people who have a garden or shop seasonal produce in bulk.

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