World’s First Plane – Made & Powered By Hemp – Is 10 Times Stronger Than Steel


Hempearth, the Canadian cannabis firm, has designed the world’s first plane made and powered by hemp – the non-psychoactive member of the cannabis family 10 times stronger than steel. Interestingly, everything from the seats, the wings, the plane walls and even the pillows are made from hemp. The plane, with a wingspan of 36 feet, can hold one pilot and four passengers. What’s more? It runs on 100% hemp oil!

Hemp is lighter than traditional aerospace materials (such as aluminium and fiberglass) and therefore requires a lot less fuel to reach a high altitude. Most importantly, hemp is non-toxic, sustainable, requires way less water and land to grow than cotton, and compared to steel or carbon fibre, has almost no environmental impact.

Hempearth CEO Derek Kesek says:

“This plane project is our first experiment with industrial hemp, and we plan to explore many other uses. Once we establish structural testing and information from this project, we will apply it to other forms of construction. This is the kind of future we all want here on Earth. The sky may not be the limit.”


Hempearth is also developing hemp composites in Montreal, which could replace all fiberglass in aviation and other industries — such as construction.  It recently turned down Dupont as they “don’t and never will sign or work with fascist companies that are associated with military, The Rockefellers, The Rothchilds and or the Military Industrial Complex”.

“I build things organically and take it one thing at a time,” Kesek adds. “Richard Branson is my biggest inspiration because he is showing that it’s not business as usual any more: if you want something you go get it.”

When the first hemp plane is completed, its first flight is set to take place at The Wright Brother’s Memorial in Kitty Hawk North Carolina – the birthplace of aviation.



  1. Well done. I am impressed. The plane seats most parts and all organic. Even more regarding company policy to reject Dupont on principles …. I wish you all the best in your future work

  2. Why undermine the credibly of this potentially amazing technology by lying and pretending it exists. The planes in the article are not made of hemp. The thing hasn’t yet been built. You’ve made a beautiful potentiality into a snake oil show. Congratulations.

  3. Nought new

    Henry Ford’s first Model-T was built to run on hemp gasoline and was constructed from hemp. The car that was ‘grown from the soil,’ had hemp plastic panels whose impact strength was 10 times stronger than steel. Source Popular Mechanics, 1941.

  4. Willie needs a Hemp 1, if he doesn’t already have one. Well, only if the passengers are sealed off from the cockpit… we don’t need pilots zipping about the skies FUI from contact highs!

  5. There are things that arise from the evolution of plants such as hemp, creating a light but strong aircraft, but plants such as algae may be toxic. Make marine animals Change shape Must continue to study

  6. Hemp is also a nitrogen fixing crop. You can allow It to be furrowed back into the ground and it enriches the soil instead of depleting it.

  7. You all had me. Until you used the word, “fascist” in reference to DuPont and the military. If you want to expand and truly “save the planet” perhaps you need to put away your unfounded bias.


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