Vegan Ad Of Gummy Candy Company Shocks Germany

Katjes has published a vegan chocolate commercial. Industrial dairy farming does not fare well here. Criticism comes also from the german ad regulation ministry.


In Germany, an advertisement by the candy manufacturer Katjes has caused a massive outrage. The Bavarian Farmers Association has filed a complaint.

There was much criticism of a Katjes commercial for vegan chocolate – especially from the Bavarian Farmers Association, which has lodged a complaint with the German Advertising Council. This now invited Katjes to comment. That said the head of the council, Katja Heintschel von Heinegg on Friday.

A spokeswoman for the confectionery company confirmed that she had received the request from the advertising board. The allegations should now be examined, more details could not currently call.


“The clip is a very one-sided and exaggerated visualization of mass animal husbandry,” criticized Werberat director of Heinegg. This suggests that all dairies kept their animals and every milk consumer animals exploited. The Council also forwarded the case to the Wettbewerbszentrale, according to Heinegg. This checks whether the promotional video violates competition law.

Katjes polarizes with vegan chocolate commercial

Munich – An army of scowling cows marches stomping in step, milking machines pump milk from their plump udders. The image of the new 15-second Katjes commercial of industrial dairy farming is rather bleak.

Katjes advertises under the slogan “Every life is valuable” his vegan chocolate “Chocyes”. “Animals are not dairy machines, not even for chocolate,” proclaims a woman’s voice. The pictures promise a sweet future without animal suffering, under the motto “Cool without a cow”. Oat drink instead of milk.

Here is the actual ad video of Katjes:

Bavarian Farmers Association criticizes Katjes commercial

But Katjes’ chocolate advertising does not suit everyone. For example, at the Bavarian Farmers Association. Its spokesman Markus Drexler called the spot for the vegan snack on Twitter “poor and symptomatic for what goes wrong in debate around food and animal husbandry”. Because the film was also “discriminatory and unjustified” the farmers’ association lodged a complaint with the German Advertising Council.

Praise and criticism for Katjes commercial on Facebook

On the Katjes Facebook page, there are now more than 4500 comments under the post for the vegan chocolate commercial. Several users cheer the clip. One writes: “Very good decision. I would welcome a medium-term conversion to a purely vegan range. “Others like the drastic presentation of milk production:” Horny advertising Katjes. Thank you for telling the truth. “Another writes,” Finally an ad that does not twist the facts! ”

But there is also clear criticism, similar to that of the Bavarian Farmers Association. “That’s the last thing! I will not buy Katjesprodukte anymore! It is not at all to taunt the agriculture so! “Is a comment. Another user writes that the vegan chocolate commercial would put the farmers under “general suspicion”. “No more Katjes. That is not how it works. Think about who’s filling you up. Right! The farmers. To taunt these people is the last thing “, a user revolts and bumps into the same horn as the Bavarian Farmers Association.



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