Tracing Strange Creatures That Cause Storms On Social Media: No One Knows What They Really Are

A woman found 4 strange creatures in the kitchen, with its tail like a mouse. What is that ultimately?

Recently, a man in Auckland (New Zealand) made netizens become curious about the strange thing.

Specifically, a man, Tim Clerke, and the content is about a strange animal found by his mother in the kitchen. Little creatures, with their tail like a mouse, lie in her hands.

“My mother found these animals on the kitchen floor, one is still alive. Who knows what it is? My mother feels so frightened,”

The video quickly spread throughout netizens, with lots of comments and different opinions. According to an entomology team at New Zealand Biosecurity, this is the leg of a butterfly, but only a part. The rest was chewed by the cat.


Some experts have different opinions. According to Eric Edwards – an insect expert at the University of Auckland – this could be a rat-tailed maggot.

The rat-tailed maggot is the larvae of some flies in the Eristalini and Sericomyiini families, and they are also the most “strange” maggots today. The most recognizable feature of this animal is its tubular body, crawling like a worm and having a very long tail.

In addition, the rat-tailed maggots carry a terrifying truth: they especially like living in corpses. It means horror scenes where you see maggots in corpses, that’s the tail of a rat.

However, according to the latest information, after discussing with his colleagues, Edwards retracted his opinion and agreed that this was the butterfly’s leg. But no matter what it is, the video is still buzzing for netizens in recent days.



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