‘The Turning Point’ – Steve Cutts Let’s Mankind Perish Through An Animal Society

»The Turning Point‘ explores the destruction of the environment, climate change and species extinction from different perspective.«


Steve Cutts simply turns roles in his latest animated film and lets mankind perish through an uninhibited animal society.

After tackling screen zombies and consumerism, London artist/animator Steve Cutts turns his talents for rendering modern dilemmas in hyper-detail toward human-induced apocalypse in this devastating music video for Melbourne musician Wantaways.

Steve Cutts: “‘The Turning Point’ explores the destruction of the environment, climate change and species extinction from a different perspective. A video commission for ‘Wantaways’, created in After Effects, Premiere Pro, Clip Studio Pro and Cinema 4D.”


Popular Reviews:

The animation is top-notch, but as visually inventive as some of the shots are, the entire message is there in the first few seconds. Happiness at least had the contrast between the bleak visuals and the serene soundtrack to provide a point of friction. Not that this film’s subject is an issue that requires a ton of nuance–I get that the whole point here is a reminder of how goddamn horrible we are–but once that’s established the film just has nowhere to go.

Steve Cutts’ animation is just superb, and he knows how to strike a message; however, this is just too un-subtle.  I understand his sentiments completely and his message is quite obvious, yet because it’s so in-your-face, the impact of emotion, just isn’t that effective.  I feel like he could’ve done a lot more with this one, though, that’s not to say I didn’t like it.  I thought it was great.  The animation is incredible, the song is great, and it’s extremely well-made.  I just wish it had gone the more subtle and nuanced route, and had more of a story.

Review by lowell ★★★★

the social criticism of this short film is brilliant

Watch the Full Animation Here:

We Are At The Turning Point

We are at the turning point in the history of humankind. It's either we act now, or we continue destroying the planet and thus most living beings on it and ourselves.Video by Steve Cutts

Posted by Our Blue Planet on Sunday, February 9, 2020



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