Student Creates a Stunning Crystal Out of Everyday Household Items

As seen by how they impacted medieval poets and the rise of crystal therapy, humanity's infatuation with dazzling stones does not appear to be receding.


As seen by how they impacted medieval poets and the rise of crystal therapy, humanity’s infatuation with dazzling stones does not appear to be receding.

According to a 2020 Guardian story, during the epidemic, Americans represented for 35% of the worldwide gemstone industry, with buyers still willing to spend top dollar for the perfect rock or stone.

One Redditor claimed that they had developed their own precious diamond without paying for it. Reddit user “crystalchase21” revealed how they made a copper acetate crystal at home using things they already had.


On Wednesday, January 25, the crystal aficionado published a photo of the stunning jewel they’d produced over a seven-month period on the r/interestingasf^%$ subreddit.

“I grew this crystal using vinegar and scrap copper,” they wrote. Copper acetate was created after 7 months of growth. Because it developed organically, the crystal is uncut and unpolished.”

More than 130,000 Redditors have upvoted the post, and there have been 1,500 comments made by individuals who are in awe of the crystal that was created at home using just scrap copper and vinegar.

“This is fantastic!” said 420gucciqueen.

“This is intriguing as f#%^,” Gara M commented.

According to Crystalchase21, also known as Chase Lean, the copper acetate crystal measures 3 cm in size and weighs 21.5 grammes.

Cultivating crystals is a pastime for this Malaysian math student, who grows specimens in a home storeroom.

“I originally became interested in creating crystals in my high school chemistry lesson,” they explained.

“My chemistry instructor assigned us a project in which we synthesised copper sulphate and crystallised it.

“I expected to see some powdered salt in a plate, but imagine my astonishment the next Monday when I discovered stunning blue crystals within!”

Mineral collecting is a costly hobby, so Lean decided to start cultivating their own.

“Usually, I just put them in a drawer and publish my experiments online,” they stated.
It’s an interesting issue to discuss.

“You’ll occasionally discover beakers and plates strewn about the home.”

Lean also has a website,, where they give tips on how to produce crystals at home.

In the comments, they also wrote a mini-guide on how to make copper acetate, explaining: “First, I generated a concentrated blue solution of copper acetate by dissolving scrap copper in vinegar.

“When the solution evaporated, crystals formed.

“I think it’s pretty interesting how nature develops these flat faces and sharp edges on its own – the crystal hasn’t been chopped or polished in any way.”

COVID-19 has thrown the diamond industry into disarray, with mines closing all around the world and supply systems crumbling.

Nonetheless, demand for gemstones has risen, owing in part to the pandemic’s heightened interest in crystal therapy and new-age activities.

Sadly, Lean adds that home-grown crystals aren’t strong enough to wear as jewellery, and copper acetate is fragile, water soluble, and “mildly poisonous,” so they recommend using gloves and keeping crystals in tight containers to avoid skin irritation.