Pole Shift: Only 300 Miles Left Till 40 Degrees Zero Point Heads Up


Start to plan on what position geographically you want to take for this event. We will likely see it before 2026 at present speed. Be aware that it could speed up dramatically between now and then.

It has already sped up dramatically just in the last 15 years. By definition, the speed increase is called EXPONENTIAL.If it continues to speed up, it won’t take long, astronomically speaking, for the magnetic reversal to occur. Here’s a fantastic link about, courtesy Ben Davis at Suspicious Observers.


  • The south pole has already left antarctica and the north pole is racing across the arctic ocean.
  • “Earth’s magnetic poles are getting ready to flip.” -Mission Manager, SWARM/ESA
  • The magnetic field began weakening in 1600.
  • The magnetic field weakened 10% from the 1800s to 2000.
  • Earth’s magnetic field was weakening 5% per century, but now is weakening 5% per decade.
  • As of 2014 the magnetic field is continuing to weaken rapidly.
  • Magnetic reversals can occur in less than 100 years.
  • Magnetic reversals lead to extinction events.
  • Magnetic reversals may cause biblical floods.

US climate experts are sounding the alarm: an extreme winter could lie ahead for the USA.

Climate researcher Judah Cohen of the Institute “Atmospheric and Environmental Research” reports in the “Washington Post” on an imminent change in the air flow over the Arctic. In this particular case, the researcher refers to a division of the Polar vortex (see tweet) – with potentially severe consequences.

Because: With the change of the polar vortex, new winds set in – and these, in turn, will cause even more freezing temperatures around the world during winter.



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