Indonesia’s Giant 30-Foot Wild Snakes

Losing the Battle for Survival: Humans vs Pythons in Indonesia


Indonesia is home to some of the most diverse and unique ecosystems on the planet, and among its many incredible species are a group of giant wild snakes. These massive reptiles can grow up to 30 feet in length and are native to the dense rainforests of the country.

These snakes are highly adapted to life in the rainforest, where they can be found slithering through the dense undergrowth in search of prey. They are skilled hunters, using their keen senses and powerful bodies to take down a wide variety of animals.

Large pythons are common in parts of Indonesia – This one has been captured and will be eaten by locals

The blood of giant snakes, some people in Indonesia believe, has healing qualities and can be used in medicine.


Despite their formidable size and hunting abilities, the giant wild snakes of Indonesia are facing a number of threats to their survival. Habitat destruction, poaching, and other human activities are all taking a toll on these magnificent creatures. It is up to us to do our part to protect and preserve their habitats, so that future generations can continue to marvel at these incredible animals.

The Horror of Pythons Eating People in Indonesia

A Python Regurgitating a Huge Monitor Lizard

In October 2022, a shocking incident occurred in Indonesia’s Jambi province when a woman named Jahrah was killed and swallowed whole by a python.

According to local reports, Jahrah had been working at a rubber plantation when she went missing. Search parties were sent out to look for her, and a day later villagers found a python with a large stomach. Upon killing the snake and examining it, they discovered Jahrah’s body inside. The python was at least 5 meters (16 feet) long, and Jahrah’s body was reportedly largely intact when it was found.

Though such incidents are rare, this is not the first time someone in Indonesia has been killed and eaten by a python. Two similar deaths were reported in the country between 2017 and 2018.

How do pythons strike and eat animals or people?

Indonesian Pythons can grow to be more than 10m (32ft) long and very powerful. They ambush their prey, wrapping themselves around it and crushing it, squeezing tighter as the victim exhales.

Within minutes, they kill by suffocation or cardiac arrest.

Pythons consume their food whole. Their jaws are linked by extremely flexible ligaments, allowing them to stretch around large prey.

When it comes to eating humans, “the restricting factor is human shoulder blades because they are not collapsible,” Mary-Ruth Low, conservation and research officer for Wildlife Reserves Singapore and reticulated python expert, previously told the BBC.

Giant 30-Foot Wild Snakes Die Trying to Escape Indonesia’s Forest Fires

In the midst of Indonesia’s raging forest fires back in 2019, Carcasses of massive snakes had been discovered.

These massive reptiles, native to the dense rainforests of Indonesia, were faced with an unprecedented threat as the fires swept through their habitats, destroying everything in their path.

The snakes, which were mistaken for anacondas but were actually pythons, were burned to a crisp. Some had their mouths open, possibly indicating the horrific manner in which they died.

Some of these rare snakes were said to be large enough to swallow goats and cattle whole. They could reach a length of 10 meters (32 feet) and a diameter of 20 centimeters (7.8 inches).

On September 13, CAN Borneo, a conservation organization, reportedly posted a video of locals dragging dead snakes out of the burnt forest at Baamang Tengah in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.