Huge Underground Tunnels That Date Back 12,000 Years Exist and Extend From Scotland to Turkey

There are tens of thousands of underground tunnels running throughout Europe, starting in Scotland's north and ending in the Mediterranean.


There are tens of thousands of underground tunnels running throughout Europe, starting in Scotland’s north and ending in the Mediterranean.

This vast underground network, which dates back 12,000 years, is quite amazing.

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Some scientists contend that the network served to shield humans from predators, while others propose that it served as a network of safe passageways for people to use regardless of above-ground conflicts, violence, or even the weather. These may be thought of as a kind of prehistoric superhighway.


Some people believe that the tunnels can be viewed as a portal to the underworld.

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According to German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kusch, tunnel evidence has been discovered beneath hundreds of Neolithic towns across the continent. According to him, the fact that so many have survived after 12,000 years indicates that the original tunnel network must have been extensive (German title: Toren zur Unterwelt).

Most are only 70 cm wide, barely broad enough for a person to wiggle along but not much more than large wormholes.

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There are nooks scattered throughout, some of which are larger and have seats or storage areas. Although they are not completely connected, they form a sizable underground network when combined.

He writes in his book that chapels were frequently constructed near the openings, possibly as a result of the Church’s desire to diminish the influence of the tunnels’ potential pagan heritage.

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On other continents, there are similar underground tunnels. There are several tales of hidden, miles-long underground corridors spread throughout the Americas.

Why were these historic tunnels built? Maybe our forefathers had to look for shelter underground.

Several of these myths from the past describe a huge disaster that happened in the past. Some myths and tales describe how the earliest humans came from cities, tunnels, and even underground caverns!